The Top of the Town is Basingstoke’s historic heart and is an important part of our town centre.

We want to make the experience of the Top of the Town in the late afternoon and evenings even more attractive and better for everyone and we would like your help.

We think it’s important that, as residents and regular town users, you have your say in what you think will make this historic and cultural area of town even better.

You may want to think about:

  • The sort of bars, cafés and restaurants you’d like to see
  • How existing bars and restaurants could improve their offer
  • The type of events you’d like to attend
  • How can we strengthen the cultural experience

We will review all of your suggestions fairly and each of them will help us to enhance the town centre programme as a part of the wider council plan.

We’ll also make sure we update on any ideas that we take forward but please be aware that this could take some time, not every great idea is a quick idea!  

Please start sharing your ideas below and tell us how we can enhance the night time experience at the Top of the Town.

38 ideas