This is all about technology. Basingstoke is already leading the way for businesses when it comes to technology advancements and our Smart Basingstoke journey explores how technology can help overcome some local challenges for people in their everyday lives, enhance their quality of life and improve the experience of visitors.

So, if you have identified things that could work better in the borough and where smart technology could help, give us your ideas.

The ideas submitted will be evaluated by a panel of judges and if selected they will be featured as part of the Basingstoke Big Hack, a hackathon bringing together technology enthusiasts who will be tasked to come up with a digital solution to the challenges they are set.

There isn’t a specific focus as to what the challenge could be. We’re open to all suggestions including transport in the borough, health, leisure or education.

Just give us your ideas or post a comment on other people’s ideas, we’re listening.

6 ideas